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Contraflow Masonry Heater Core Kit

The Contraflow has been the predominant masonry heater design for decades in North America. Also called the Finnish fireplace or Finnish stove, the contraflow has been the Model T of masonry heater designs in North America.

Typical Contraflow kits have some refractory parts where brick-by-brick building would be time consuming. With our modular blocks, however, we are able to ship you the entire Contraflow heater core on just a couple of pallets. No need to run to the brickyard for firebrick, or spend hours setting hundreds of firebricks. The entire unit can be easily built within 4-6 hours using our modular tongue & groove, interlocking system.

Bake ovens are a popular feature of many of our cores, and the Contraflow heater is no exception. If you prefer to cook while the heater is in operation, choose our white oven option. If you can wait until the fire is out and prefer an improved fire viewing experience, choose our black oven option, where the flame runs right through the oven, enhancing your viewing experience while still allowing you to cook delicious pizzas, breads, and meats after the fire has burned out.

The kit includes cast core block modules, cast iron and ceramic-glass loading door, two cast iron cleanout doors, chimney damper, refractory clay mortar mix, insulation board where needed, and construction and owners manuals.

The kit ships on two pallets.

At a glance

Area Heated1300-2000 square feet
Wood Load30-50 pounds per firing
Yearly Wood Usage4.5-6.5 face cords
Typical Firing Cycle8-12 hours
Shipping Weight2400 lbs on 2 pallets.

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Contraflow Masonry Heater